Endless Runner con Godot y Blender3D 

Presione la pantalla o click izquierdo para empezar o saltar.

Este juego esta basado en un tutorial de Unity3D del canal Don pachi.


El juego fue modelado, riggeado y animado  en Blender3D,luego en GODOT ENGINE se programo la lógica y se exporto a web

endless runner godot engine


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please publish builds for GNU/Linux, MacOS-X, Android, windoze, etc. - i can't play this online version

You may not have GLSL2 on your video card

how can i check it on GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 19.10)?  the video card (nvidia geforce gt 710) is enough for running Godot 3.2 and Unity 2020.1 perfectly

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how weird it would have to work ... You can look at any of these three.js projects if these projects work, I mean they load even if it is slow, I would also have to load this project since they use the same web technology.


also if you want to get more doubts try the project directly from here you can download it and open it with Godot 3.1.2 or with godot 3.2.3 beta



thanks, downloaded it and works fine! from Godot Editor 3.2 (weird that both html5 builds here at itch.io, from both Godot and Unity, never worked)

https://demos.littleworkshop.fr/infinitown (from threejs.org ) works perfectly here, for example

El dinosaurio esta genial. El estilo de la escena esta super.
Lo unico que se podria mejorar es la velocidad del salto, caida.

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